Is There More Than One Way to Green a Grass?

Picture this.

You love your grass. Glistening dew on a spring morning, the wave of a gentle breeze across the surface, and the sweet smell when it’s freshly cut are all part of the alure of a lush lawn.

But then you have that one area. You know, that one where the underlying surface is rock hard clay. So, you try everything from amendments, over seeding, and extra water, but none of it seems to work. What you’re left with is an ugly patchwork of bare spots, sparse tufts, and weeds.

David Osteyee didn’t need to picture it, he was living it. Finally, David had enough. It was time to make a change that would save money and his sanity.

Since he was making the change, he started thinking about some basics. Could he do something that would save water? How about something that would look natural and appealing? Xeriscape seemed to be the answer, and the team at American Stone was ready to help.

David was no stranger to DIY and dove right into the project. Although the going was slow, he kept moving. He rented a skid steer and scrapped the top four inches of the soil/clay out of the project area. Next was building a unique retaining wall. Instead of simply stacking small boulders or bricks, he used a gabion wire frame basket to construct a low retaining structure to hold in the new yard material.

Speaking of the new material, the low maintenance artificial turf became the perfect complement to the Mexican beach pebbles around the border. Throw in some classic pavers and Basalt flagstones for a pathway to guide people around, and he got a great new outdoor living area.

So, what did Jody, David’s wife think of the makeover? She loved it. The neighbors gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up too. We’re proud of you too David, and glad we could be a small part in saving your yard and sanity.

A Water Bill You'll Love... And A Beautiful Yard!