A Water Bill You'll Love... And A Beautiful Yard!




Current drought conditions have brought on a state of emergency declaration in many parts of the country, including the state of Utah. The drought is putting pressure on municipalities and residents to work to conserve water. In some cases, watering restrictions have been implemented. Nobody wants to see the green garden they've worked hard to maintain turn yellow. Even though the news of drought may have an impact on some of your landscaping dreams, we can help you keep your aspirations on target by making a few simple landscaping adjustments, with water conservation in mind. One of our favorite ways to help reduce the water consumption in landscaping projects is to help our clients design gorgeous decorative ground cover landscaping alternatives such as Xeriscape.

What is Xeriscape you ask?

Yes, you probably already know! Xeriscape is a beautiful water-conscious alternative to traditional landscaping, relying more on decorative rock elements with pops of living plant accents. Some of the rock options you can choose from range from crushed stone to large boulders, and everything in-between! Sprinkle in xeriscape plants that require much less water consumption to provide just the right amount of color and variety. So, while the executive orders and new restrictions on water use may result in dying and damaged lawns and gardens, we can help you reimagine your outdoor space to accommodate limited water availability without sacrificing a beautiful and a gorgeously manicured finish. Also, there's the added bonus to Xeriscape landscaping: Incredibly low maintenance! Spend more time enjoying your space rather than laboring over it, all year round!

Are you the DIY type? You don't need to hire a contractor to make a positive impact with your water-conserving landscape renovation. We can help guide you to Xeriscape your own space by checking out our "How To" article .  All you need is a few common tools from your toolshed, a plan, and a few materials and some stone from American Stone! We are happy to help make your water-conservation landscaping vision become a Xeriscape reality! Give us a call today!

Basalt Columns as Garden Water Features