How Much Do You Love Your House?

Love is a tricky thing. That place where you raise your children, the neighborhood where your friends live, and the place you lay your head at night can almost be a living thing. And, when this collection of building materials so expertly crafted, is winning national awards, it makes it even more exceptional. So, what do you do when the people you love most decide to move to the other side of the continent to start their own lives? Suddenly, your children and grandchildren live thousands of miles away, and you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Mountain Xscape had just such a challenge presented to them from a client who lives in Virginia. The solution? Do everything you can to replicate the look and feel of the original, but with a decidedly Utah and western feel — particularly in the backyard.

A Gathering Place

Although the project is still considered a work in progress, the client wanted to make sure that “The Gathering Place” would be a relaxing and joyful environment for friends and family. Beside, now all of the client’s kids and grandkids live within two miles of the new Utah home.

Mountain Xscape knew they were up for the challenge, but still needed a little help. A big part of that help was finding a match for the travertine tiles at the Virginia home. Finding those tiles would allow them to create a beautiful hardscape and outdoor living area that included a pool, hot tub, fireplace, and even a pizza oven.

A Big Splash

Mountain Xscape knew right where to start. American Stone had just the right solution, a near perfect match with tiles from MSI. Even though this project started during the pandemic, Mountain Xscape described working with American Stone and getting the tiles as “really easy.” Even when more tile had to be ordered, the team at American did everything possible to get it in and make it right. In the end, “The Gathering Place” made a big splash and became the family go to for relaxation and hanging out.

At American Stone, we know all about loving your outdoor living areas. Just glad we could help Mountain Xscape and their clients split that love between two coasts. Well, maybe they love their family in Utah just a little bit more.

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