Is Tumbled/Waterwashed Patio The Way to Go?

Waterwashed or Tumbled?

Flagstone is one of the most versatile hardscape surfaces you can buy. But, if you want to take it up a notch, tumbled/waterwashed might be just what you're looking for. 

First, what exactly is waterwashed? Well, at American Stone, waterwashed is a bit of a misnomer, since we don’t even use water in the process. Some people prefer tumbled to describe the process, and it works something like this:

A load of material, in this case two-inch flagstone, is stacked into a huge cylinder. After the door is closed and secured, the cylinder is put in motion by a drive engine. In the process, the sharp and weak edges are knocked off and the stone is refined. Here are a few reasons why tumbled could be the right choice for your next patio, path, or outdoor living area.

  • Enhanced Durability: Since the natural weaker stone fractures are exposes during the tumble, the remaining product can be more durable.
  • Softer: Ok, no stone is really soft, but the stone has a rounded, natural soft appearance.
  •  Barefoot friendly: With sharp edges removed and the surface smooth, tumbled stone is much easier on the feet. The smooth surface can also improve slip resistance.
  • Timeless: When installing in a lawn or other softer landscape, tumbled appears to have been in place for decades or centuries, instead of placed yesterday.

Since American Stone is one of the few places that actually processes flagstone to tumbled, you are coming straight to the source. We have pallets and individual stones ready to go. But if you want something special, our Production Shop can help.

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