Landscape Boulders

  • Landscape Boulders
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Here are some ideas about what these beautiful large scale landscape boulders can do for your yard. 

  • Boulders add a sense of natural beauty to your landscape. They give that rustic and organic look, especially if you want a more natural garden or outdoor space.
  • Landscape boulders serve to catch the eye as focal points in your landscape design. They draw attention and add depth, making your yard more visually appealing.
  • If your yard is sloped, boulders can be used to create terraces. Terracing provides more usable space for planting, seating, or recreation, and it helps prevent soil erosion.
  • Boulders are a perfect natural solution for retaining walls. They provide structure to prevent soil erosion and maintain landscape stability.
  • Boulders can do something you may never have thought before. When put in just the right place, they can create windbreaks, control noise, or direct wind flow.

The boulders from American Stone are a great choice for your next landscape project. Take a look at the possibilities from the links below.