What’s The Difference Between Thin Stone Veneer and Full Bed Stone Veneer?

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Making the Right Decision

Say you are finishing that outdoor kitchen and want some pizzaz or adding some class and style to your home’s exterior? When you’re involved in a project that requires the look and quality of real stone, there are several ways to go. Two of the most common are using thin stone veneer (TSV) or full bed stone veneer (FBSV). Let’s explore the main differences between the two and why you might choose one over the other.

Thickness and Weight:

  • TSV is typically 1 to 1.5” thick with a weight in the range of 15lbs per square foot.
  • FBSV is more than twice to nearly three times the thickness at 3 to 5.” With that comes a weight that is more than the 15 lbs per square foot.


  • As you might have guessed, TSV is way easier and quicker to install. It can usually be set directly to the substrate using adhesives or some sort of mechanical fastener. It usually does not require any sort of additional structural support or a ledge for installation because of the lighter weight.  
  • FBSV is going to take a little bit more. In terms of time and skill this usually is not a DIY project. Most of the time, this will require, additional support structures like a solid foundation or a ledge to bear the load.

Where to Use It

  • TSV is ideal for interior and exterior wall cladding, fireplaces, and other decorative applications where weight and space might be a concern. Of course, it is incredibly flexible. It can be applied to different substrates, including wood, metal, and even concrete.
  • FBSV is more suitable for exterior walls, structural walls, and other places where the authentic look and durability of full-thickness stone fit the bill. 

Price Tag

  • When you look at overall costs, TSV is the winner. It’s easier to handle and has reduced installation labor.
  • On the flip side, FBSV is usually more expensive because of the higher material costs, more complex installation requirements, and additional needed support.

At American Stone, we carry complete lines of thin stone veneer that can satisfy almost any project. Because TSV has a similar aesthetic to full bed stone but without the depth and mass, it is suitable for modern construction methods, particularly where efficiency is key. But that’s not all. We also carry quality Provia manufactured stone veneer products that can be a great choice.

Give us a call or come by one of our locations to learn why TSV or a manufactured stone veneer is the perfect solution for your next masonry project.

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