Water Washed

Patio Stone and Flagstone

Put a touch of elegance and class into your stone

Water washed patio stone is the elegance and class for that smooth sided effect. This patio stone is sought after by contractors for it's soft edgest, while keeping the anti-slip surface that creates a stunning look in all patio stone applications.

Tumbling is a regorous surface treatment that only a few stone types can withstand. They have sturdy, durable, and weather resistant properties.


Available in Four Distinct Colors

Water washed patio stone is distinct in that there are only a few stone types that can withstand the proces of water washing. Our stone is tumbled for the classy look while keeping it's durability.

Water Washed Autumn Gold 2" minus Patio Stone

Autumn gold


Waterwashed Storm Mountain 2" Minus Patio Stone

Storm Mountain


Waterwashed Sunrise 2" minus patio stone



Waterwashed Cherokee 2inch minus patio stone


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