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Applying salt or ice-melt before the storm is called anti-icing. This technique is growing in popularity because it makes the job of clearing the Ice and snow easier and more effective.

Winter is coming, get ready for the snow and ice.

Applying a thin layer of Salt or Ice Melt before the storm prevents the bottom layers of snow from freezing to surface. When the snow is loose it is much easier to remove and it also leaves a cleaner surface. After the storm passes the surface has a chance to warm up and results in a much safer walkway, driveway or parking lot.

You save money with a pre-storm application because you can have clear surfaces by using only one-third the amount of Salt or Ice Melt. Without the anti-icing application the solid ice is much harder to physically move. Hardened ice takes more time and requires much more salt to loosen it up. 

After snow is removed you can spread a light application of Salt or Ice Melt to be ready for the next wave of the storm. Using Salt and Ice Melt in this fashion greatly reduces the cost and environmental impact.

How much Salt or Ice Melt should be applied? It depends on the temperature and the amount of snow, but by pre-applying the correct product you only need enough to melt the bottom layer. Too much salt could harm the soil vegetation. It is best to apply it as light as possible for the expected conditions. More salt is needed as the temperature drops. Use Ice Melt when the temperature drops lower than 25° or in areas of heavy shade.

Our Blue Heat Ice Melt effectively melts ice to -15° F. Coated pellets enhance performance by attracting moisture from the cold air to begin the melting process. Great for overnight anti-icing applications. Non clumping formula spreads easily and has longer storage life than other ice melt products.

Our Melting Mountains Ice Melt effectively melts ice to -25° Fahrenheit. Use Melting Mountains sparingly to avoid damaging stone or concrete surfaces. The potassium chloride blend contained in this product is effective because of it's endothermic reaction with water. If too much is applied in conditions that are too warm, it could generate enough heat to damage the surface you are trying to clear. Melting Mountains is our strongest product, but it's also buffered with corrosion inhibitors and safe to use in the coldest conditions. 

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Bulk Salt

Available in any quantity! We can load your hoppers or deliver semi truck loads to your location anywhere in the Western U.S.


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Blue Heat

Economical blended formula. Coated pellets enhance performance for anti-icing applications. Less harmful to vegetation and safer for children and pets.

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Melting Mountains

Compares to the strength of straight Calcium Chloride without the surface ruining heat. Enhanced performance that effectively melts ice to -25° Fahrenheit.