Idaho Quartzite – Autumn Gold, Buckskin, Storm Mountain, Fish Creek Brown, Windridge, Cassia Gold, Golden Splendor and Shadow Gray

Our Idaho quarries produce a wide variety of quartzite. Our Autumn Gold is gold with streaks of dark gold, gray with a silver white background. Hard, flat and smooth it contains minor amounts of micas on the split surfaces. Buckskin is brown, gold, and gray with soft blue hues, giving this stone a deep bronze appearance. Cassia Gold is hard, flat, smooth, and dark gold. Storm Mountain is light to dark gray with golden brown veining. Very hard and durable, this stone comes in a wide variety of cuts. Windridge is a weathered rich dark brown with a wide array of lighter colors due to natural exposure. Waterwash quartzites are also available.

 Nevada Quartzite – Baker Gold and Silver Sand

Stone produced from our Nevada quarry is a gray and gold naturally fractured rectangular quartzite ledgestone with gold & brown edges. It is a very hard quartzite, perfect for dry stack walls and veneer. It is also available in a water-washed stone that has been smoothed and rounded by tumbling.